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Stuart & Webb Corbett. StuartPeacock


Stuart large art nouveau style green peacock bowl/vase, signed, c1926, price £180

Stuart & Webb Corbett. StuartCherries


Cute pair of enamelled 'Cherries' sundaes by Stuart, signed, c1930 price £80 the pair.

Stuart & Webb Corbett. StuartThistleDish


A cute little Stuart dish enamelled with Thistles, signed, c1930. Diameter 3.5". Price £62.

Stuart & Webb Corbett. Stuart Frond Bucket


A stunning Stuart amber vase with dark brown random fronds inset into the glass. This has then been enamelled with a beautiful stylized pattern of flowers and foliage over the fronds. Designed 1931. Height 7 1/2 inches. Price £360.

Stuart & Webb Corbett. StuartStrawPr


Unusual pair of enamelled 'Strawberry' sundaes by Stuart, signed, c1930 price £98 the pair.

Stuart & Webb Corbett. StuartStrawPlate


...and a matching enamelled 'Strawberry' dish by Stuart, signed, c1930 price £36.

Stuart & Webb Corbett. StuartSkiers


This is one of those great rarities, just as war broke out in 1939, Staurt's designed a fun enamelled suite of 'cartoon' snow sports, a few display versions were made but due to the outbreak of war it was never put into production. We have here an example of the cocktail shaker, it has a shaker top but the piece is unfinished -there is no chrome top rim to the base- only a tiny handful of 'test' examples were made. Produced 1939, Price £295.

Stuart & Webb Corbett. StuartCherryTumblers


Lovely pair of enamelled 'Fruit' tumblers by Stuart, signed, c1930. Height 4",Top Width approx. 3". Price £98 the pair.

Stuart & Webb Corbett. StuartRings4


Stuart Enamelled set of 5 banded sherry glasses (4 shown)produced 1927-1939, signed. Price £65 for the five.

Stuart & Webb Corbett. StuartOrangeButterflyPosy


A rare little Stuart 'Posy' enamelled with Butterflies, signed, c1930. Height 2.5". SOLD.


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Stuart & Webb Corbett. WCPrGlasses


This is one of a pair of Webb-Corbett enamelled fruit patterned wine glasses c1915, designed by Hugo Maisey, signed Price £75 the pair.

Stuart & Webb Corbett. WebbCorbettMosaicV


A delightful and rare pair of Webb-Corbett Mosaic Enamel vases. Signed. c1935.
Height 7 3/4".
Price £495 the pair.

Stuart & Webb Corbett. WCCupSaucer


A very unusual enamelled Webb-Corbet cup and saucer decorated in different colour fruit. Designed by Hugo Maisey signed. Price £62 the set.

Stuart & Webb Corbett. WCSinglePlate


A Webb Corbett enamelled plate in the same pattern as the cup and saucer. Designed by Hugo Maisey c1915. Price £35

Stuart & Webb Corbett. WCSingleSundae


A Webb-Corbett single enamelled Sundae. Designed by Hugo Maisey, signed, c1915. Price £55

Stuart & Webb Corbett. WCBowlPlate


One of a pair of enamelled Webb Corbett amber bowl and plates. Designed by Hugo Maisey signed, c1915. Price £125 for a bowl and plate.

Stuart & Webb Corbett. WebbCorbett5glasses


A stylish set of 5 Webb Corbett small wine glasses in their iconic cut wavy line design. c1920. Height 4 1/8". Price £220.

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