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24 June 17  Monart  
Monart. monarttrio


Monart. monartred


Stunning green and red Monart Vase c 1935 'TE' shape 9 inches(size code VI) Price 360

Monart. monartblue


Stunning blue and white Monart Vase c 1935 'OE' shape 7 inches(size code VIII) Price 295

Monart. monart4


Cute green , orange and yellow small Monart dish c 1935 c4 inches across Price 72

Monart. MonartGreenWasted


Cute Monart waisted vase in greens, c1930, Price 160.

Monart. MonartPinkDish


Lovely small pink and gold Monart dish with original Monart label, 5 3/8" across, 1 1/2" high, c1930. Price 90.

Monart. MonartBoxedDishes


Extremely rare pair of Boxed Monart small dishes, one blue and one pink. They are in their original Monart boxes(of which only 5 such are known to still exist). They were bought from the sale of the Ian Turner collection and the dishes still have the INT collection catalogue labels on the bottom. c1930, Price 198 each. Pink one SOLD.

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