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23 January 18  Monart  
Monart. monarttrio


Monart. monartyellow


Vibrant yellows and oranges, Monart vase c 1930 'PA' shape c8 inches tall. (click on image for close up of pattern) -originally from the famous Michael Parkington collection -still will auction label to base - Price 395

Monart. monartgreenpurp


Stunning blue, purple, dark blue and green Monart vase c 1930 'N' shape c8 inches tall. Price 425

Monart. monartpair


Pretty matched pair of purple, gold and black Monart vases c 1930 'MF' shape 7 inches tall. Price 360 each

Monart. monartorange


Fine orange, brown and silver Monart vase c 1930 'PA' shape c8 inches tall. Price 395

Monart. monartbluepale


Classic pale blue, black and gold Monart vase c 1930 'SA' shape c7 inches tall. Price 360

Monart. monartfooted


Stunning blue, black and gold mica Monart footed vase c 1930 'CF' shape c6 inches across. Price 295

Monart. monartblue


Stunning blue and white Monart Vase c 1935 'OE' shape 7 inches(size code VIII) SOLD.

Monart. MonartGreenWasted


Cute Monart waisted vase in greens, c1930, Price 160.

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